The right mobility ramp will ensure you have easy access over doorways, raised landings and even to and from your cars while reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. To find the most suitable mobility ramp, whether you are using a walker or a wheelchair, please prepare the following information. 


1. What type of ramp are you looking for? 




2. What material of ramps do you require?




Carbon Fiber


3. Where are you using your ramp?

For a threshold or steps 

For a vehicle


4. What purpose do you need your ramp for?

For wheelchair and mobility

For moving items


5. If for wheelchair & mobility which of the following conditions apply?

Assisted Occupied Wheelchair

Unassisted Occupied Wheelchair

Unoccupied Wheelchair


6. What is the maximum weight does the ramp need to support?

300kg or less

300kg to 400kg

400kg to 500kg

500kg to 800kg

Over 800kg


7. Are you able to provide a photo of the area of application?


8. Additional information specific to your needs.




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